New Framework Laptop

Posted by Brad on Tue 05 October 2021

I recently got a Framework laptop and it has been nothing short of amazing. I'm sure you can find teardown/review videos that do a better job of showing just how awesome it is, but I still thought I'd go ahead and write a little something about it. I'm not going to tarnish it's name by comparing it to other laptops, at the moment there is no competition anywhere near this space. Now, it's also clear I am in the exact target market of this laptop. I don't need (or want) a 4k display, I don't do any gaming on it. I do a lot of coding and daily work on it and I like to being able to replace and customize things, and that's what this laptop is perfect at. It's comfortable to use for long periods of time, is just the right size, (the 4:3? screen ratio turned out to be a really nice surprise that I was initially unsure of).

On the software side I'm running a beta version of Fedora Kinoite 35. I haven't really had any major issues with hardware compatibility, but there have been some adjustments to the Silverblue/Kinoite style of doing things. Ultimately, I could have probably ran Ubuntu but honestly that was just kind of boring, and I wasn't really digging into any Ubuntu specific stuff to make it worth it. I do hope to switch over to stable Fedora version once 35 is officially released since I will be using this for some work stuff and need it to be reasonably reliable.

I do also have a dream of making the keyboard like my Moonlander with custom keystrokes and possibly layers, though to be quite honest I haven't taken the time to learn the layers as much as I had hoped. Alternatively I could get a Planck EZ but I'm not quite sold on one of those yet.

The final configuration milestone I have left is wireguard vpn. I had been looking at netmaker to replace my Nebula vpn, but the nature of Kinoite make both of those clients difficult to run. So isntead I'm hoping I can go with a fairly vanilla wireguard setup through NetworkManager(not that I'm a huge NetworkManager fan, but I think it'll work good enough).